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reuben steiger

Reuben Steiger is CEO of Billions of Us where he delights in collecting odd and extraordinary people with unnatural talents and kind souls.  

For 20 years, he has built global scale businesses for companies and clients including Nike, SONY Playstation, and Stanford University… and has founded / exited from 2 startups.

Steiger’s work continues to focus on the intersection of the physical and virtual world with a focus on complex systems and large scale simulations.  His work in VR and Augmented Reality has included creating a web-based model of the known physical universe (2000), leading interactive design of the world’s largest casino, Wynn Las Vegas, contributing to the early design of Second Life (2004 – 2005) and founding virtual world design studio Millions of Us (2006 – 2010).

In 2008, with financing from Omnicom, he co-founded Virtual Greats, creating the legal framework for licensing IP associated with iconic real world personalities in virtual environments. The company was acquired in 2013 by German media company Iconic Futures, GmbH.  

Steiger has also lead the advanced research division of of Interpublic Group, served as Principal for global product design firm Method and built an education company teaching creative entrepreneurship to children. He is a graduate of Brown University and proud father of Phoebe and Theo.

Sasha Rudie

As Social Architect of Billions of Us, Sasha sees the world through the eyes of the user, designing an experience that is pleasant not only to the eye, but to the soul. She anticipates the needs of the client and carries them out with care and precision. Using multimedia and user-centric 3d design, she is able to immerse people in a virtual environment that speaks to both their hearts and minds.

From an early age, Sasha Rudie understood the importance of social connections. Whether it was planning activities in student government, early adoption of the internet meetup, or being a community ambassador, Sasha was able to dissect each piece of the puzzle that leads to human interaction. In 1999, she realized the power of massively multiplayer online platforms, such as Ultima Online, allowed people to form relationships with each other as representations of themselves. She knew that this technical development would change the world going forward.

Through online communities, Sasha thrived as a video game blogger for such sites as Stratics, SL Insider, Massively, WoW Insider, and Building on that, Sasha took her community efforts to the virtual world of Second Life, where she promoted and educated residents on making machinima, or movies made in video games. In 2007, she planned the machinima track of the Second Life Community Convention, where thousands of attendees gathered to collaborate and learn. As a virtual resident and contractor in Second Life, Sasha has worked with companies such as Linden Lab, Manpower, American Cancer Society, PBS, and Cisco. From there, she went on to become the World of Warcraft Community Manager for, where she oversaw the blogging and forum platforms for tens of thousands of users.

Robert Rencarge

Rob has over 30 years experience in finance, insurance, and commercial real estate industries. He has an enterprise background in economics, computer science, business technology R&D and business software. 

As Chief of Staff at Billions of Us, Rob works to ensure an environment that provides wider opportunities for both organizational success and personal growth.  Leveraging his talents at fostering cooperation among the best and the brightest while encouraging cross-pollination, Rob helps build teams that are far greater than the sum of their highly-talented parts.

Over the course of his career, he has developed sophisticated models resulting in adaptive implementations of workforce realignment of thousands of employees to suit changes in culture and business conditions.  Working with multibillion dollar corporate clients, his work has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in expense savings and productivity improvements. 



• Founder and CEO of BOMA Global
• Creator of TEDX and Head of Singularity University Global Community
• Founder of the Woman's March

Tony Parisi


• Head of AR/VR Ad Innovation at Unity Technologies
• Co-creator of the VRML and X3D ISO standards for networked 3D graphics
• Author of O’Reilly books on Virtual Reality and WebGL


• Chairman of Heminge & Condell, an investment and strategic advisory firm
• Co-founder of Global Business Network (GBN)
• Strategic counsel


• Managing Partner at MULTIVARIATE
• Managing Partner at Systematic Ventures
• Chief Economist and advisor for leading venture firms and investors


• Launched Razorfish and Schematic
• Steered the digital transformation of the BBC and Associated Northcliffe
• Expert in scaled design thinking and consumer experience


• Music Industry Expert and Serial Entrepreneur
• A&R Coordinator/Manager at Roc Nation
• Founder of Solofunds and The Rel Carter Culture Tour


• Jigsaw Co-Founder
• SVP of Business Development at Pipl, Inc.
• Sales Personality


• Angel investor and advisor to startups and businesses
• Business development executive to the legal, technology and entertainment industries
• One of Marie Claire's “50 Most Connected Women in America"